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    Default <Input type='file' value=<%myVal

    I use &#060;Input type=&#039file&#039 value=&#060;%myValue%&#062;&#062; to upload a file with aspUpload the page then returns to the form and populates all the fields which is no problem except for the input type=&#039file&#039 and advice?<BR><BR>the form handling page does the following <BR><BR>myValue = Upload.Form("myValue")<BR><BR>for all my fields.<BR><BR>I then end the form handler with <BR><BR>response.redirect index.asp?myValue=" & xmyValue<BR><BR>and use Request.querystring("myValue") on the form page<BR><BR>and form type will populate except type=&#039File&#039<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any help<BR>

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    Default value read-only in FILE form element

    From the docs for the INPUT TYPE="FILE" form element:<BR><BR>value<BR> -- A string that reflects the VALUE attribute of the object.<BR> -- Read-only<BR><BR>See that? "Read-only". That means you are not *allowed* to set the VALUE= field of this kind of form element. Sorry about that. Your user(s) *must* select the filename themselves. You can&#039t do it for them.<BR><BR>If you think for a second, you&#039ll see why: If this was allowed, any malicious person could put upload every password file on the planet in a simple HTML page!<BR><BR><BR><BR> <BR><BR>

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