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    How do I process a request formatted like this:<BR><BR>http://myhost/directory/myfile.asp/extdirectory?foo=bar<BR><BR>Unfortunately, I cannot change the request format, because it is being sent to us from another site, and their specs can&#039t be altered. The system seems to want to process "extdirectory" as a file, and thinks "myfile.asp" is a directory...<BR><BR>Corey

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    Hoo! <BR><BR>Best thing I can suggest: Create a custom "404" page (that is, a custom page that is run when a 404-Page not found error is encountered) and have *it* analyze the URL and convert it to something like:<BR><BR>http://myhost/directory/myfile.asp/file=extdirectory?foo=bar<BR><BR>and then do a Response.Redirect to try to recover.<BR><BR>I&#039ve never done a custom 404 page of my own, but my understanding is that it isn&#039t hard to do and that the full URL *is* available to you.<BR><BR>

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