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    Elaine Guest

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    I have Text stored in Binary format in the Database. The field is defined as Image.<BR><BR>My problem is that I need the populate the Form elements with the records from the DB. Also it is impotant that I do some string related actions on the data before assigning it to the value of the form element. The user may then edit the data and write back to the DB. My problem is that I don&#039t know how to begin with this in the first place. An example of the data that I may have is <BR><BR>&#060;xml version=&#039 1.0&#039&#062;<BR>&#060;companyprofile&#062;<BR>Th is is text for company profile<BR>&#060;/companyprofile&#062;<BR><BR>When I display this text on my web page I have to strip off the following :<BR>&#060;xml version=&#039 1.0&#039&#062;<BR>&#060;companyprofile&#062; & &#060;/companyprofile&#062;<BR><BR>and write only <BR>"This is text for company profile" to the form field. When I am ready to write this data back to the db I should be able to add these on to the user input and write to the db in Binary Format.<BR><BR>Any help on this will be appreciated.<BR><BR><BR>

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    michal m Guest

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    Hi Elaine,<BR>you can use the msxml parser to parse the raw xml and generate the form on the fly.<BR>(http://msdn.microsoft.com/xml/general/msxmlprev.asp)<BR>If you haven&#039t read up on xml, it seems like this might be the time to do so. You can start here:<BR>http://msdn.microsoft.com/xml/default.asp<BR><BR>hth,<BR>michal

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