Any **good** ASP books??

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Thread: Any **good** ASP books??

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    mn Guest

    Default Any **good** ASP books??

    Could someone suggest a good ASP book?? I am currently using Wrox "Professional Active Server Pages 3.0" by Alex Homer, Dave Sussman, Brian Francis and I don&#039t care for it. E.g. I went to the table of content and looked up "UCase or UpperCase" because I didn&#039t remember which syntax ASP uses and could not find. As usual, I had to go to or another online resource. Thanks.

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    SuomiMan Guest

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    Get O&#039Reillys VBScript in a Nutshell.. this is what you are looking for. Great book. Like a dictionary. Also:<BR><BR><BR><BR>That is a great place.

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    Linda N. Guest

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    I heard that the Learn ASP in 21 days book is good. Personally I like ASP Databases by WROX and then for reference I got a VBscript handbook also by WROX.

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    mn Guest

    Default RE: Any **good** ASP books??-Thank you

    Thanks for this direction. I will visit the bookstore today.

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