I am stuck on this problem! Everything works great in SQLServer but I have to make this work against an Oracle8 database and all is not well.<BR><BR>The problem is that I am trying to insert a long string of character based data (formatted HTML pages) into a table in Oracle. Everything works fine when I am dealing with a small amount of data, however, when the string exceeds 4000 characters, I get an error when trying to insert the data to the database: ("Insert error: The string is too long . . .")<BR><BR>I have tried changing the field&#039s data type to "Varchar2, long, Varchar(4000), varchar(8000)," all to no avail.<BR><BR>I am thinking it may be a problem with the driver that I am using to connect to the database. I am using a DSN-less connection using ODBC. If anyone knows other drivers, please provide example syntax.<BR><BR>Deadline it tommorrow, so I need tips ASAP.<BR><BR>Thanks to anyone who can give me some ideas.<BR><BR>