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    I have filled out an HTML form and am processing to an ASP page that retrieves records from a large database.<BR><BR>How do you put a "Your Request is being Processed" page in between that comes up when the form is submitted and goes away when the results come up?<BR><BR>Thanks. Feel free to e-mail

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    The "and goes away" part is what makes this not so easy.<BR><BR>There are lots of ways, but if you want the message to go away it typically means that you need to have more than one page. One way to do this would be to grab all the info off the form, stuff it into Session values, show the &#039please wait&#039 screen and have *it* do an auto-submit to the page that does the real processing by grabbing all the info from the Session values. <BR><BR>Another way would be to use hidden frames. When you submit, you actually submit to the hidden frame. The main frame simply gets the "Please wait" message. When the hidden frame finally gets the ASP response back, it re-writes the entire main frame.<BR><BR>Another way...hmmm...probably easiest, come to think of it? Pop up a new window with the "please wait" and have it periodically check back in the main window for a certain flag to be set. The flag is set, of course, via the &#060;BODY onLoad...&#062; event!<BR><BR>But the rules of ASP handling say that the output of a single ASP page is a single block of HTML. So unless you can figure out some way... Oops. Maybe I just did! How about putting the please wait into a LAYER or DIV that starts off showing. At the tail end of the HTML output (from the DB processing) is JS code to hide that layer/div! Never tried that one...dunno if it works...If you try it, let me know!

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