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    Wonderful site guys! I&#039m a British chappy just starting out in the exciting world of ASP but this problem&#039s even got my more expert friend stumped. I&#039m using a lap-top from work and have installed PWS from Win98 disc and set-up all the virtual directories. I type in my URL address "http://sa/default.htm" or "http://localhost/_private/default.htm" or combinations thereof and I get a message box saying that my web page is not available offline. Our system administrator has gone AWOL - please help! Excellent - David Bell&#039s just homered for Seattle!

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    1) Check to be sure you have TCP/IP installed on your machine (which you most certainly do if you use that particular machine on the internet)<BR>2) Make sure that the PWS is running (go to the Personal Web Manager and be sure it states that the server is STARTED)<BR>3) While you&#039re in there, check to see what your root directory is for your webserver, be sure that the script you&#039re trying to execute is in a directory at or below that (you may need to check that the directory allows scripts, but with PWS, you can usually execute scripts in any subdirectory of the root)<BR>4) Create a small script called &#039hello.asp&#039 under the root somewhere, that has simply these lines:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR> response.write "hello world, it is " & now<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>5) Fire up your browser and type this url:<BR><BR><BR><BR>See if you receive any response.<BR>

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