Anyone out there <BR><BR>Please Help<BR><BR>For Message board<BR>================<BR>I want to do a 2 similar messageboards with 2 different ames where a <BR>question put up by someone can be answered by all<BR><BR>something just like the forum we are on right now.<BR><BR>it should also have the facility to alert the user on the first home page as to <BR>how many messages are posted and from which message board. there is <BR>also a limitation of 10 answers i would like to have for a particular question.<BR><BR>All help would be highly appreciated.<BR><BR>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR>For Saving a DHTML page on to HOme Page<BR>==================================<BR><BR> i have done a dhtml page on which i move about objects here and there. <BR>but i do not know how to save the page. if the page is saved using the browser&#039s <BR>save menu, then i get the original page not the altered page which is what i want .<BR><BR>All possible help will be highly appreciated<BR><BR><BR>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR><BR>Gaming In ASP<BR>=============<BR><BR>I would be thankful if you all friends would help me to overcome this problem....<BR><BR>I want to check first the entry of a new user to my game module then i want him to <BR>either play with the computer or with any other user who is online, i want to send an<BR>invite to all the user logged on in the whole site to join in. <BR><BR>i will be telling the user to select a song and then on at the end of the 10-second<BR>period - the last letter of the song should pop up on screen (this last letter is in<BR>database table along with the song clip). after the last letter is flashed the opponent<BR>is given a 10 second timeout to choose another song. if he fails a point is scored by<BR>the other team. similarly no song can be played twice (to check this we might have to<BR>maintain a session array variable where the song played once is stored in the array<BR>for checking) if the played song is repeated then the opposing team gets a point <BR>this way whoever gets 10 points is termed the winner and is rewarded.<BR><BR>