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    Hi,right now I am in an intranet project and we are developing a kind o smart card (using a disquette) to autorize some internal forms, to do this we&#039re using an ActiveX Control, but i have a problem I haven&#039t found the way to get values form and use the in the control or vicercesa, to set values in the HTML form from the OCX, for example I need to set a Session variable in the OCX because it is used in other ASP pages, I&#039ve notice that is is posible to used the ASP objects that come with VB6 using ActiveX DLL, con the methos OnStartPage and OnEndPage, but I can&#039t do the same with the OCX... that&#039s my problem, if you know how can I do it, i would very great..<BR> <BR>Thanks in advanced<BR> <BR>Fernando Santa Cruz R.

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    I&#039m not sure what you are trying to accomplish. It sounds like you are using an ActiveX OCX, which is a GUI as well as code implementation, on an ASP page??<BR><BR>Or is it a plain ActiveX DLL that&#039s running on the server without a GUI that you are trying to use to set a Session variable?<BR><BR>Or is it an activex ocx that is running on the CLIENT?<BR><BR>If for example you are writing a client program that uses an ActiveX OCX and you are trying to set something on the server from the client, you are going to have to do some tricky stuff there (issue an http request to the server or the like).

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