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    I need to allow a client to upload a file to the web server which my app is running on. I&#039m using a html &#060;file&#062; item to allow the client to select a file locally. What do I need to do when the file has been selected?<BR><BR>TIA<BR>Paul

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    You need to have a component installed on your server. Try<BR><BR>http://www.dougdean.com/EZsiteUpLoadSite.htm <BR><BR>

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    Default Excellent Article Regarding Uploading files

    Here is an excellent article regarding uploading files. sample files are included for download. I took the files, and edited them to do exactly what I needed them to do. I think this will be your least expensive way to do it<BR><BR>http://www.asptoday.com/articles/20000316.htm<BR><BR>Good Luck,<BR>SKOOTER

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