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    I downloaded pws but could not configure it, when i tried to workj with vinterdeve, could not create the project because could not connect to the web server so how to configure pws?<BR>Thanks

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    I had the same problem. As it turned out I had an old version of pws on my machine. I had the NT option pack 4, which contains pws 4. I should tell you I am running win 98. Once I loaded the latest version of pws, and put the pages I wanted to serve up in a newly created virtual directory, I could browse to <BR> or localhost/virtualdirectoryname/aspfilename.asp and view my pages with no problem.<BR><BR>best of luck,<BR>sabrina <BR><BR>

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    Your reply has sparked a ray of hope in me...<BR><BR>So where did you get the "latest" version of PWS? I was under the impression that 4 was the latest.<BR><BR>Thanks for the info!<BR>Bill

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