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    MarK Guest

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    Hi all,<BR>When querying a databse for a particular record <BR>i.e WHERE product_id = pro_id. (There will always be a value given for pro_id). Is there anyway of checking for the existence of a record and Redirecting rather than getting the "Either BOF or EOF or record deleted" message?<BR>Thanks! rgds Mark.<BR><BR>

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    Paully Guest

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    Yeah, trap it.<BR><BR>You yourself check for the "Either BOF or EOF or record deleted"<BR><BR>By saying<BR><BR>If RstObj.EOF and RstObj.BOF then<BR><BR>Response.Redirect "/someerrorpage.asp"<BR><BR>End if

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    Mark Guest

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    Its at these times that I feel really dumb!<BR>Thanks Paully!

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