The following is a query written in ASP to an ACCESS database, when pointed to SQL 7, the mathmatical calculations do not work, and it gets tied up with the "request.form" statement. Can anyone help me with how to rewrite it so it works in SQL 7?<BR><BR>oRSmt.Open "SELECT Date, Location, Server as [Server Name], (int (CPU*100)) as [CPU % Utilization], (int (Paging*10))/10 as [Memory Paging], (int (Queue*100))/10 as [Disk Queue], (int (IO*100)) as [Disk IO], (int (Users*1)) as [Active Users] FROM mailbox WHERE Location=&#039" & Request.Form("Location") & "&#039 ORDER BY CPU DESC;", "DSN=perf"<BR><BR><BR>Thanks....<BR><BR>Andy<BR><B R>