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    I am a freshie to ASP -i need a code which would input the UserId & Password <BR>and take them to a mssql database where depending on the previous previlege -assume there are 9 types of rights/previlege the user is taken to one of the nine screens . number them 1 to 9 <BR> thanks partha

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    If I understand, you want a login page with nine options. <BR>Try this:<BR>userpword = request.form("user") & request.form("pword")<BR>&#039if you need to check them in the database, do it here<BR>&#039and make the userpword in the select case <BR>&#039equal to their privilege level<BR>select case userpword<BR>case user1pword1<BR>response.redirect("pageone.asp")<BR >case user2pword2<BR>response.redirect("pagetwo.asp")<BR >&#039continue through all options<BR>end select<BR><BR>If that isn&#039t what you are looking for, then explain your problem some more. <BR><BR>Good luck<BR>

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