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Thread: Looking for good ASP ADO/DB technique book

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    Default Looking for good ASP ADO/DB technique book

    I have a very clear understanding of ADO and database connections in ASP, but am looking for a book to improve upon that knowledge. Really I am searching for a book that helps to explain things like "Here&#039s a better way to work with SQL 7.0 and ASP", or "Here&#039s the best way to work with retrieving records, updating information, adding records"<BR><BR>I do have a good understanding and have done several database/ASP application, but am now looking to zero in on the best tecniques to use when doing this sort of work. <BR><BR>Also SQL server, Windows 200, ASP 3.0, ADO 2.5 is really the subject matter (no need for info about how to use Access or any beggining information)<BR><BR>Thanks for all your help<BR><BR>-Matt

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    Default My Favorite SQL Book...

    Sounds like what you really need is a SQL theory book.<BR><BR>On this topic, my suggestion is "SQL for Smarties" by Joe Celko. It covers all basic SQL sytax (to my knowledge) at one point or another, but generally ignores the basic sytax to cover strange and bizzarre ways of meeting strange and bizzarre requirements. <BR><BR>Most importantly (for me as a contractor) is that it doesn&#039t rely on any platform. Lots of platforms -- like SQL Server and Sybase and such -- are mentioned when Celko is discussing their standards compliance (a.k.a. "Here&#039s nifty feature Foo, but be careful with it -- company XYZ uses it to summon Cthulu...").<BR><BR>If, however, you&#039re dead set on MS SQL Server (against the advice of "The Pragmatic Programmer" -- another book), O&#039Reilly has an authoratative looking tome regarding SQL/T-SQL which deals very heavily with MS SQL Server.<BR><BR>HiH.

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