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Thread: Displaying files and masking the url

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    Bob Anderson Guest

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    Hi all<BR>I have dynamically generated link on my asp page to pdf files. It opens that pdf file in brwoser and shows the url to that file which I want to mask.<BR>I tried opening with a new window without address or status bar <BR>but still it shows that url in window title bar so please help to mask that url or any other way to make that file not acessable directly.<BR>

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    Hmm.<BR><BR>couldn&#039t you use a hidden form field or onclick, grab the url string clicked, and use javascript to say location.url = urlstr<BR><BR>oh crap, thats not what you want.<BR><BR>umm, what about using a frameset you can even joke the frameset out, just have the dynamic page as 100% of the frameset and the url will be the name of the frames page. they can do a view source and see the path however.<BR><BR>

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    hspan Guest

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    You can use the following javascript:<BR><BR>&#060;a href="#" onClick="javascript:openNewWindow1(FILENAME)&#062; Link &#060;/a&#062;<BR><BR>function openNewWindow1(fileName) {<BR> if (document.all) {<BR> ramswin = open(fileName,"ramswin","fullscreen")<BR> // IE Functionality<BR> }<BR> else if (document.layers) {<BR> ramswin = open(fileName,"ramswin","top=0,left=0,directories= no,scrollbars=no,menu=no,location=no,width="+scree n.width+",height="+screen.height)<BR> //Netscape Functionality<BR> }<BR>}<BR><BR><BR>Hope it help you.

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