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    Jason Guest

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    I&#039ve never had such a hard time finding something that is probably very simple, but I have records in my access report grouped. And I have a column that I need to do a countif, but countif doesn&#039t work in access. So lets just say i have a column named gender, and I want to count all records if gender=male. What do you type in the text box to do that? <BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Jason

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    BeBe Guest

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    Textbox?<BR><BR>Not sure about that, but a possible query might be:<BR><BR> select count(*) from table where gender=&#039male&#039

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    Jason Guest

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    In MS access, when you do reports, you usually put the control in a text box or the code, they have a count function, but I can&#039t find a countif function, like in MS excel. It doesn&#039t seem to like that SQL code either. Thanks for the suggestion

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    Jason Guest

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    TO do a count function in access it goes as follows<BR>=sum(IIf([gender]="male",1,0)) <BR><BR>(don&#039t you love how microsoft makes things so complicated, heaven forbid they made it compatible with excel functions, countif(gender,male)

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