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    hi,<BR><BR>i have an activex control which is using a database in my local PC with a DSN.<BR><BR>now i have created a Cab file and cpoied the package on to web server. Same DSN also exists on web server. now can anyone tell me why am i not able to load the Cab file. do i need to include anyfiels when making a CAB realted to database.<BR><BR>when i open the site on remote pc its asking me do u wannta download the contol when i say yes it installs the control but control dosent show on the pc<BR><BR>hope to hear some solution at the earlist possible.<BR>thanks in advance<BR><BR>regards,<BR><BR>sudheer

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    You need to deploy your active x control on the web server.<BR>You can use the Package & Deployment wizard for that.<BR>Make sure your web server is configured correctly to do this.<BR>Here are two articles which talks about that...<BR> seeditionsonly.htm<BR><BR><BR><BR>or just search for Deploying Acitve X controls in<BR>you have lot of information.<BR><BR>Hope that helps,<BR>vikki

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