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    Linda Guest

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    Can anyone give me some direction on how to create a banner that has several clickable links within them? For example, a blue box with 5 text links that can each be clicked. I haven&#039t been able to find a source for this and am curious if I need to place the links "on top" of the image itself or if it can be buit into the image from the onset of creation. Any insight will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    If you don&#039t need to change your links too often, create them as part of your image and use image maps to define the clickable areas.<BR><BR>There are some decent tutorials on image maps at http://htmlgoodies.earthweb.com/tutors/im.html

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    Linda Guest

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    Thanks for your help. I&#039ll try the site. I tried to use the image maps with my photoshop program, but no links appear on my image so I was wondering if this was even a correct method to do what I wanted. Thanks I&#039ll try the website you gave me.

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