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    I want to allow users to click on a Hyperlink which will open their default email page with the e-mail name, subject and message filled in. <BR><BR>How can I do this ?<BR><BR>

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    Rive Guest

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    Yes you can do this.<BR><BR>In your HTML document, place the email link like so.<BR><BR>&lt;a href=" Goes Here&amp;body=Body Goes here"&gt;<BR><BR>If you only get one word for the subject and one word for the body, replace all the spaces with &#039%20&#039. *spaces may only work with some browsers/mail clients<BR><BR>Rive,<BR><BR>

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    You can (and should) use CDONTS or other ASP mailing solution instead of that kind of link.<BR><BR>you can have a form with the email address submit to an asp page that will mail to that address and you can set subjects and body parameters in variables instead of writing one ridiculous link. Check 4guys, and search for CDONTS.<BR><BR>Most hosts that allow ASP have CDO installed.

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