CGI POST to ASP, won't retrieve data!

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Thread: CGI POST to ASP, won't retrieve data!

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    First, I know it is crazy to be using CGI and ASP together. But, we are building an Intranet interface to an existing 16 bit app using ASP. Now for the problem:<BR><BR>We have been using the Location: variable with a QueryString (name value pairs) to call a certain ASP page from our application by sending a location variable to our CGI which then passes it on to STDOUT which allows the web server to call the ASP page. This works great, I can get my data with Request.QueryString and all is well. Then I hit a brick wall, when I pass over 2048 characters it blows cookies. I assume it is being truncated, but it certainly won&#039t call the page. If I only send 2047 characters it works. So, in my research I find use POST and you can send unlimted data, GREAT! But ....<BR><BR>When I use POST and call the ASP page with the Location: variable I cannot access the data in the Body of the HTML page I send. I have tried Request.Form and Request.BinaryRead. Request.ContentLength = 0. We are in big trouble if we cannot send over 2k of data to the browser. There is too much talk around about POST being able to send unlimited data. I hope I am doing something wrong, but I have manipulated the HTTP headers and body in every way I can find. I have looked all over the web for answers for the last two weeks.<BR><BR>Please help!<BR>Joel<BR>

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    You say that you have tried using Request.Form - it&#039s a little-documented fact (in that strange way that Gatesy likes to keep a few things to himself!) that you can use the format <BR><BR>Request("varName")<BR><BR>to retrieve either GET or POST data. You may know this already, of course, but it is my preferred format since I can then test the output of my sending page using GET (treating the URL bar like a debug window - shock horror!) and then change the sending form&#039s method to POST when I go to live.

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