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    Hey folks,<BR>Here&#039s the scenario: One of my databases is on SQL Server 6.5. I set up a simple query (validSQL = "SELECT * FROM Reviews" & review_where & " ORDER BY DateCreated DESC"). <BR>I have four TEXT fields at the end of my Reviews table. When I try to access them, I get "Errors Occurred." I&#039ve tried to figure out exactly what&#039s happening, but it&#039s eluding me presently. Any thoughts?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Alec

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    This may or may not work but it has solved the problem for me when I came across the same error. Be sure to access the text fields in the order that they appear in the SQL statement. Since you&#039re doing a &#039SELECT *&#039 you would want to access them in the order they appear in the table. This should eliminate the &#039Errors Occured&#039 error. When you do access them set them equal to a variable and use the variable throughout the rest of the procedure. For some reason you can only access the text field in a recordset once and after that it goes null. Hope this helps.

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