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    I am doing db access using a visual basic 6.0 apartment threaded component. If I execute a query which takes a very long time, then attempt to navigate to stop the request and navigate to a different page, asp will no long respond to that session. However, other users are concurrently able to work without interruption.<BR>How can I stop the query upon user request?<BR>

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    The closest proximity to a solution is to set the command and connection time out properties of the ADO objects so that queries are not allowed to take this long. Unfortunately there is no way to actually stop the processing otherwise, because when the user hits the stop button all it is really doing is telling the user&#039s browser to close the http connection. Your COM object does not have any idea how long the process is taking either, it too is waiting for the query.<BR><BR>However, if you set the timeouts, then those users who actually want this report will be frustrated that they have waited so long and the thing times out. <BR><BR>Perhaps the best solution is to do whatever you can to optimize the query. What sort of DBMS is it, and why is it taking so long? What is the SQL Syntax and DB layout?

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