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    sahrukh Guest

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    Hi,<BR>I have one poblem. I don&#039t know whether it is possible in ASP or not but I am sure there must be some way. I have one typical registration form where in one field user has to enter emailid. now I want to validate that emailid (I mean to say the domain name of that emailid not the content with @ or.) on the fly and I want to proceed to next page.<BR><BR>In advance, I want to appreciate for any types of help in this issue.<BR><BR>thanks<BR>Sahrukh

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    I have no idea what you&#039re asking.<BR><BR>You want to validate the domain, not the name of the emailid with the @ or .? Or you asking if that "Is hotmail a valid name?"<BR><BR>

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    Exactly what he is asking SC. I dont konw why he wants to do that, why would a person enter a wrong email ID

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    Steve Cimino Guest


    So he&#039s going to query some database to see if it exists? How about the 50 or so that pop up every day? (I just seen one that you can have your OWN email address. WOW!!!! I need a cheese domain name). Seems like a waste. Like you said, TRUST the guy. If he&#039s giving you a wrong email, maybe it&#039s on purpose!!

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    sahrukh Guest

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    hi SC and Akhilesh,<BR>it is a very simple question. if you don&#039t know then without discussing the purpose of it just say "I DON&#039T KNOW". that&#039s it.<BR>the way you are discussing like you are master in this subject. but just for your kind information you are ........<BR>

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