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    I am trying to build a simple ASP page that will transfer info from an html page to an Access database. I am totally lost on how to make the .asp page. Will someone please recomend a simple example that utilizes a Windows NT server?<BR><BR>I have read the FAQs and articles concerning this, but can&#039t get my own page to work.<BR> <BR>-Thanks

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    Default Have you been to www.learnasp.com ??

    ...and the "Databases Lessons" there?<BR><BR>He has a full Add/Show/Edit "cycle" of code there, showing how to take data from a form and put it into the DB and then, later, allow the same data to be displayed and/or edited.<BR><BR>If that doesn&#039t do it for you, then maybe it would help to ask some specific questions about areas you have problems with?<BR><BR>

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