I have a simple connection to a SQL Server using SQL 7.0, from a SSL site. I am grabbing a Last Application event that is written to the DB by using a rather simple ASP page. I have written 2 error trapping devices to the page; one is a Connection Error that arrives when someone fails to connect to the db - the other is an Operational Error description. Both of these are written to a text file dynamically so that I can tell how many errors came through the system each day. <BR><BR>OK, that said- I know why the error comes up; because the connection is being dropped immediately. What I do not know is why the heck this is happening. I do have a Firewall of course and the VBScript code is on a machine separate from the SQL machine. <BR>Ay ideas would be appreciated. Below is the trapped error message:<BR><BR>Operational Error Number: 3704<BR>Operational Error description: The operation requested by the application is not allowed if the object is closed.<BR>Source: ADODB.Recordset<BR>Help Context: 0<BR>Help Path: MSADO15.HLP<BR>