Access 97 db memo field properties?

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Thread: Access 97 db memo field properties?

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    I have an Access 97 db with several memo fields. In a .asp file I wanted to did some manipulations on those fields if they had data in them, but was surprised when they unexpectedly didn&#039t show the data even tho they did in fact have data in them. <BR><BR>I had first tried:<BR><BR>if rs("memofield") &#060;&#062; "" [null] then <BR> [show the data]..." <BR><BR>but that didn&#039t work, nor did a check for &#062; " " [space]. The only way I got the data to show was to first assign a variable myMemofield = " " [space], so there wouldn&#039t be any lingering data from a previous record, then myMemofield = rs("memofield") Also, a length function on the raw memo field didn&#039t bring up anything.<BR><BR>My question, then, is how can you do a real existence/length/whatever check on the raw field if it&#039s a memo field? Does it have any actual length property that can be checked? <BR><BR>I guess I can always just do the assignment then check THAT field, but that ain&#039t real elegant :)<BR><BR>TIA<BR>

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    Hi Elaine. I think you want to try...<BR><BR>if rs("memofield") is not null then<BR>&#039do whatever<BR><BR>It&#039s even possible that you might need to use fieldname.getchunk (chunksize) and its partner function (whose name escapes me). Believe me, you don&#039t want to if you can avoid it.

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