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    Warren Penner Guest

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    I&#039m passing the text from a cell through a QueryString to a form in another ASP page. IE knows enogh to insert the %20 characters into empty spaces between words in the string, Netscape doesn&#039t and returns an error 400.<BR><BR>Here&#039s the QueryString passed to IE: (this works)<BR><BR> 0Forks%20Market<BR><BR>Here&#039s what Netscape sees: (returns error400)<BR><BR> Brunch at The Forks Market<BR><BR>here&#039s the code that builds the string:<BR><BR>strRef = "step2.asp?fldAuto=" & oRS("fldAuto").Value & "&small=" & sGifUrlSmall & "&desc=" & oRS("Desc")<BR><BR>Any quick way around this?

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    have you tried server.urlencode

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    Rob Guest

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    Unfortunately with Netscape you are going to have to add the %20 into your string.<BR><BR>You could write a quick function to do this.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Rob

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    Warren Guest

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    Thanks Akhilesh!!<BR><BR>server.URLencode is the ticket!

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