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Thread: newbie: I need to modify somehow the mailForm.asp

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    Hi all:<BR>Iam succesfully using the mailForm.asp that is in the 4guys fromrollawebsite. I need to modify it somehow tho.. It is set up to send an email to 1 person but I want to add another email. I tried putting a coma after the first email but I seem to get gibbersih..<BR>What could I do? A snippet of the code follows<BR><BR>------------------------------------------<BR>&#060;%<BR> &#039The header/footer for the email.<BR> Const strHeader = "Here are the results of the form:"<BR> Const strFooter = "Form mailer implemented by Lautus Consulting 2000"<BR><BR> &#039Who does this go to?<BR> Const strTo = ""<BR> <BR> &#039This information is optional<BR> Dim strFrom, strSubject, strRedirectURL, strFromPath<BR> <BR> strFrom = Request.Form("txtSendToEmailAddress")<BR> if Len(strFrom) = 0 then strFrom = strTo<BR> <BR> strSubject = Request.Form("txtEmailSubject")<BR> if Len(strSubject) = 0 then strSubject = "Results from Roth website"<BR> <BR> strRedirectURL = Request.Form("urlSendTo")<BR> if Len(strRedirectURL) = 0 then strRedirectURL = "/"<BR> <BR> strFromPath = Request.Form("urlFromPath")<BR> if Len(strFromPath) = 0 then strFromPath = "UNKNOWN"<BR>_____________________________________ __________________________<BR><BR>the html is in<BR><BR><BR><BR>thank you very much.<BR><BR>-luis

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    Default RE: newbie: I need to modify somehow the mailForm.

    Try using a SemiColon. Also make sure to use the Form in the HTML page to send to multiple people.

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