I have posted this message twice here before, both times they quickly disappeared. Does anyone know why?<BR><BR>I have developed a custom component, a VB ActiveX dll, and tested it successfully from a VB project. The dll is in the winntsystem32 folder and has been successfully registered.<BR><BR>I have created an ASP page in Visual Interdev, where I create and reference an object from my dll, but when I try to view the page in IE, I get the following error message:<BR><BR>"Active Server Pages error ASP 0223, TypeLib not found.<BR><BR>METADATA tag contains a Type Library specification that does not match any Registry entry."<BR><BR>The metadata tag is in the global.asa, and the code in my asp does not even start running.<BR><BR>I have searched the Registry for the UUID shown in the metadata tag, and it seems to be in all the right places. The fact that I can reference it from a VB project also indicates that it is properly registered<BR><BR>I am also using ADO objects in this page, and they work correctly.<BR><BR>I am running this on an NT 4.00 box which is running IIS.<BR><BR>I have set the reference to the dll in the Project/References, and the object displays the properties and methods in the editor, so it seems to be recognized. If I remove the reference I get an error message "ActiveX component can&#039t create object."<BR><BR>Any help would be much appreciated, I am an experienced VB programmer, but this is my first attempt at ASP. I have posted this on several newsgroups/messageboards and have not gotten help so far. I have also seen several other posts on the same problem, also without any help.<BR><BR>TIA,<BR>Ragnar<BR><BR>