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    I am using session varibles to keep track the users info when they access page to page. The problem is that when the user turn off their cookies and set the security high on their PCs, my session varibles will be killed, it wont&#039 work. I would like to know what are other alternative ways to solve this problem? I heard of SA-Session Pro, and having to use Third party component. How do they work? Thank you.

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    Scott Jones Guest

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    I really wouldn&#039t utilize session variables ... there is a great article in this site listing countless reasons why. Even if you didn&#039t lose the variable in the manner you described, they can timeout and are a drain on system resources. Easy to use, but untidy.<BR><BR>Have you not thought of passing information via the URL? You would only need to track a UserID and retrieve any extra info from a DB or TextFile based on this unique Identifier.<BR><BR>

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    Bart Nuyts Guest

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    One (cheaper) way is to use a database,<BR>where you use the user&#039s ip as a key, and store information there.<BR><BR>Bart.

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