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    hi<BR><BR>my ques is my application runs on multiple servers.there is a load balancer which directs my requests based on which server has got least load at that when i use a session variable, it is generated by any one of the five servers.when i send this server variable for some validation it may not go to the server which generated this session and hence will not identify this session and there any way out here.<BR><BR>my secong q. is quite simple. i am using input type= image (not buttons) for submit which is doing the same function as submit.i would like to use an image in the same way to clear all fields in that form without sending me to the action page(do the same function as the reset button).thanx.

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    Well, session state in a web farm is tricky. The best approach is to use a database to store session state rather than the Session object. You give each user a unique session id which you store in a cookie - each of your servers can read the cookie and recover the session from the database.<BR><BR>Dunc

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