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    I have a HTML form whos information is processed and entered into a database using an asp script. Now the problem is that I want to validate the info in the form, b4 sending the info to the database, no it appears that the only nice/gracefull way to do this is to use a form of recusion - to keep on creating the form again until the user puts in the right info. However, the code for this is a bit bulky as the form is large - is there a nicer way of doing this?<BR><BR>ta,<BR> A.<BR><BR>pls post here or email me -

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    The best way is both Javascript (client side) and VBScript (server side). the client side validation will prevent a server hit if the information is incorrect. and the server side validation keeps someone using an older browser from submitting bad data into your database. And also keeps "hackers" from posting to your database with a copy of your form page without the javascript validation.<BR><BR>Good Luck

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