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    I have three frames (A,B,C,)in a frameset, where frame A displays the source location/URL of frames A & B. If frames A & B are on the same server as the frameset then the location is displayed. If i navigate from either of the frames(A or B) on to another server then the location is undefined. Is there anything I can to solve this problem?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance <BR><BR>Paul

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    nothing at all you can do. it&#039s a built-in security restriction designed to stop unscrupulous webmasters tracking people&#039s surfing habits, which is a pretty big breach of privacy, if you think about it. <BR><BR>imagine a hidden frame which tracked the location of everywhere you went? it may even be able to get hold of sensitive information from querystrings, which wouldn&#039t be good.<BR><BR>j

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