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    Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039ve a odd query to ask. I&#039m not exactly sure whether this is possible.<BR><BR>I&#039m creating a HTML page with 3 form elements a text box & 2 listboxes, all placed in one row of a table. The user will get to enter 5 such rows in the form. Now, if I load all these rows when the HTML page is loaded it would take some time; I want to avoid this unnecessay delay as it is possible that the user may need only one row. What I want is that, I display just one row initially. When the user presses a button (say "MORE"), the 2&#039nd row appear & so on. I want the table to be EXPANDED dynamically using VBSCRIPT (I&#039m familiar with this one only) on the client side ONLY with no server involvement.<BR><BR>If this is not possible, One of the options would be that I load all the elements (3*5=15) when the form is loaded. Of these only the first row is active & populated with data while the other 4 are blank & invisible(if supported). When the user click "MORE", the client side script populates the next row with data from the earlier row & make it visible. I tried this out but didn&#039t get the exact result. Does anybody have a solution?<BR><BR>But, I would like to know whether this same effect can be achieved by say loading ONLY 1 row initially & BUILDING/CREATINBG the others as required & if yes then how.<BR><BR>Myhunts

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    Both options are perfectly possible. There is an article on the subject at which should get you started.<BR><BR>Dunc

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    There may be something obvious that I&#039m missing, but you&#039ve stated in your first paragraph that you only want to use VBScript on the Client Side Only... no Server involvement... well if this is the case then the entire form will need to be sent to the browser from the server, so whether you hide it or not is irrelevant - it will be downloaded with the rest of the page whether you like it or not.<BR><BR>You can put some values into the querystring of the url, page.asp?showfrm=125 then parse the values of the showfrm string to determine which fields you wish to display... but this is a server sided action and requires the server to parse the information prior to sending to the browser.<BR><BR>C.

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