I need to talk with anyone who is using the MSHTML edit functionality (built into IE4-5.5).<BR><BR>Specifically, I am using it as part of a web-based app that allows live WYSIWYG editing of HTML formatted content (which resides in a database).<BR><BR>I need to get some ideas on how to expose the properties of tables and images that appear in a given piece of HTML content. I would like the user to have the ability to click on an element (either a table or image element) and then click the appropriate formatting widget or icon to call a popup window that contains formatting options for that element. Changes would be written to the src tag of the element.<BR><BR>The editor does this well for text based content (basically anything you can drag select)through the use of javascript functions createLink(), createBold(), etc<BR><BR>Perhaps I am not calling the full MSHTML editor, I don&#039t know. All I am doing is setting the "Designmode" property to "On" in the body of the page that contains the edit iFrame. That basically allows any content that is loaded into theiFrameof