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    Nils Kaiser Guest

    Default String formatting functions...

    I&#039m searching for a jscript function like the c one "sprintf"...<BR>Can someone help?

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    Dan Evans Guest

    Default What does sprintf do?

    For the benefit on non C people, what does sprintf do?

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    Nils Kaiser Guest

    Default RE: What does sprintf do?

    sprintf is a C function used to build strings by using placeholders that will be replaced by values stored in varibales:<BR><BR>char DateBuffer[100];<BR>sprintf(DateBuffer, "Today is %i/%i/%i", DateMonth, DateDay, DateYear);<BR><BR>I am looking for a similar jscript function... but not only for date strings.

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    Dan Evans Guest

    Default RE: Why not just use concatenation?

    Why not just concatenate the data you want into a string?<BR><BR>var DateBuffer = "Today is " + DateMonth + "/" + DateDay + "/" + DateYear;

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