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    I have created a registration form. <BR><BR>I want to use a check box with a registration form. If the user checks the box I want to enter a values of yes into my database table when the user submits the form. If the check box is unchecked I want to enter no. How can I do this ?<BR><BR>

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    Are you asking how to get the value of the caheck box in the <BR>next page...request.form...does it ring a bell??<BR><BR>Just incase..whn you submit a checkbox and it has no value...if it was checked in the next page it will be "on" may want to set the vaule in the page itself to "Yes" So on submit you will have the value on that form as Yes it it was checked<BR><BR>If you dont set the value in the form, in the next page when yo get the value assign Yes..No to a variable based on the value in an IF condition and then insert that variable into the DB<BR><BR>

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