How can I know the userid?

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Thread: How can I know the userid?

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    Paco Marin Guest

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    Hello!. Please, could somebody tell me how can I Know who are watching my page. I&#039ve tried with the variable logon_user but it is empty. Thank you for any help.

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    Ian Stallings Guest

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    usually the Logon_user variable will be set to<BR>anonymous unless the site has access permissions set<BR>otherwise. Is this a public site? If so then logon_user<BR>probably won&#039t due much good. Can you explain what your trying to accomplish?

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    Joe Force Guest

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    I have a question along these lines. We are working on a new version of our Intranet, and would like to implement some sort of single sign-in scenario. Instead of having the user login a second time when accessing the Intranet, is there a way to pass the user_id of the user from NT? <BR><BR>Along these lines, once a user is logged in, is there a way to clear the LOGON_USER variable? I would like to have a button that allows somebody to logon manually as someone else. This would allow Administrative personal to logon as someone else and retrieve information for them. <BR><BR>Any ideas qould be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Joe

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    Paco Marin Guest

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    I&#039m doing a new application in our intranet. For that I need to identify the user of our pages, for that I was thinking in automatizate the procese taking the userid from the net. The normal process is to ask for a login and password.<BR>Actually we can conect to the intranet with W95 and WNT.

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    Are you wanting to let only a certain set of users onto your website? This is called authentication, the process of restricting your pages to a group of "authenticated" folks. If this is what you are wanting to do, let me suggest a good article at 4Guys:<BR><BR><BR><BR>If you are wanting to just maintain some sort of statistics log, you can obtain your user&#039s stats by using a script similar to the one found at<BR><BR>Hope this helps!

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