IE5 Messed up my PWS/IIS!!!

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Thread: IE5 Messed up my PWS/IIS!!!

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    Why is it, that after installing IE5 on my web servers, my connections to Oracle databases hang from web pages? The web pages make the connection to the DB once or twice, then the web server stops processing ASPs all together?<BR><BR>The Oracle DBs are 7.1.5 and 7.3.4. I&#039ve tried using the 7.3 driver v2.5? from Oracle, as well as a 3.0 version of the Oracle driver. Both drivers worked fine before loading on IE5. <BR><BR>P.S. I have been closing the record set and DB connections and setting them to nothing on each page that creates them. <BR><BR>I have confirmed it is IE5 causing the problem, as I have reload NT on the web server, ran the web server for a while with no problems, then loaded IE5 for a second time, which is now causing problems again.<BR>

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    Steve,<BR>I had a similar problem with Access, and resolved accessing the troubleshooting site in Maybe you&#039ll find some answers there.

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