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    Hi, <BR><BR>I&#039m new to all this. Just got &#039Beginning ASP databases&#039 by John Kauffman (Wrox Press). I am stuck - and have done the following so far: <BR><BR>Have installed Personal Web Server onto my PC off my Win98 CD. <BR>Have downloaded MDAC off the Microsoft website, & installed it. <BR>I&#039ve selected an Access Database for the DSN<BR><BR>But then I&#039m getting lost. The book tells me to create a DSN for an SQL Datastore, talking about using an SQL server. Right, I&#039m following the steps, but then I&#039m told I need to know a login and password for the SQL server. How am I meant to get this information, if I never even knew there was an SQL server before this morning? <BR><BR>I tried &#039sa&#039 for system administrator, with no password - each time I try it tells me that connection to the SQL server has failed. <BR><BR>This do doubt sounds very confusing...<BR><BR>Any gems of wisdom out there? <BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Jim Riggott

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    Well, you don&#039t have SQL Server installed... you want to use the MS Access driver for your DSN... ???

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    SQL Server is MS&#039s industrial strength database server - kinda like Oracle 8. It&#039s used instead of Access when you need a decent DB - Access isn&#039t up to the job of running a full-blown data-driven web site, but it&#039s OK for learning.<BR><BR>Have a look at and - they should have tutorials on setting up a connection to an Access database, along with lots of other useful stuff.<BR><BR>Dunc<BR><BR>Dunc

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