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Thread: Forms, elements and their names

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    Pål O. Guest

    Default Forms, elements and their names

    The problem is:<BR>I have a dynamically created list that contains a number of<BR>checkboxes. The name of these checkboxes are ID&#039s used in the database (so I&#039ll really need those). But since the list is created dynamically I need a way to look for the elements (upon post) in the Request.Form object that have names that is a number.<BR><BR>Is there a way to loop through the elements posted and get their names aswell as their value ? I sure cant figure it out. Is there another way around this ?<BR><BR>Thanx

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    Mark Antell Guest

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    This will list all posted items<BR><BR>for each item in Response.Form<BR> Response.Write item & ":" & Response.Form(item)<BR>next<BR><BR>

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