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    I "think" I need to use the following two (or one) Dynamic HTML methods .<BR>The problem is, I can not figure/find out what the "object" in each canse should be!? Has anyone used these before<BR><BR>object.Refresh()<BR>object.reload([bReloadSource])

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    Remember that the object.reload function only apply to Netscape. And disabling the cache is a pain in the youknowwhat. I&#039ve used a little workaround once. It goes like this:<BR><BR>Use window.close to close the window containing the outdated info.<BR>Use to "reload" the data.<BR>But in addition use a dummy querystring value that is unique for each call so the browser is unable to use the cached version of the page. <BR>(use for instance mypage.asp?dummy=date_in_milliseconds)<BR><BR>Of course this only works if youre using the GET method.<BR><BR>Pål O.

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