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    Hi all,<BR><BR>I have this 2 buttons .. having the same name and id..<BR>Either 1 pressed will submit to another page which checkes which button pressed by checking its value.<BR><BR>But now I have add image to both buttons therefore setting both buttons&#039 values to " ". So how do I detect which button pressed..? I was thinking of this scenario..Can I have 2 buttons with diff name and id submitting to the same form and check for the button id instead of its value? Pls advise...thanks very much! ;)<BR>

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    first of all, the id attribute is supposed to be unique, you can&#039t have the same id for two buttons, or am i misunderstanding you?<BR><BR>try using client-side javascript to check which was clicked - you can then set a hidden field to reflect which was submitted before the form actually submits<BR><BR>j

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