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    Conrad Guest

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    Using client-side ASP, is it possible to lower the quality of an image that is to be uploaded?<BR><BR>Thank you for you time.

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    Is possible, but messy. And you&#039d probably have to guarantee that your user has IE (though not necessarily). And you&#039d face an uphill battle trying to get your clients to download a component of your own, since everyone is so nervous about virii, etc.<BR>

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    Chrace Guest

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    Client-side ASP is non-existant, thus the name ASP (Sorry, couldn&#039t help it :).<BR><BR>If its because you&#039re worried about the serverside diskspace then you can have a serverside component downgrade the image before saving it. Those are on the market for most types of images.<BR><BR>If it&#039s the upload time, well then you, as JD say, need to use clientside ActiveX which the user has to download. If you have known users this might be possible, but personally I skip pages on the net that has this need.

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