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    Can any expert teach me how to use asp to let the client log-off??<BR>I have design a online shopping project, all clients need to use their user name login. After finished all process the client need to log-off. After they clicked the log-off button then a default.asp will display. But when I click the back button in the browser, I still can see our client&#039s personal details and what he had bought. Please teach me to solve this problem. Thanks<BR>

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    Not an expert but:<BR><BR>try putting this at the top of the page<BR>that has the client&#039s details:<BR>&#060;% Response.Expires = 0 &#037;&#062;

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    Ian<BR><BR>I have try, but I am not sure where I need to put <BR>&#060;% Response.Expires = 0 &#037;&#062; in.<BR>Inside the HMTL or anywhere?? Please teach me.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR><BR>

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