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    vibha Guest

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    I am retreiving data from a database.I want to display only five records at a time.FOr that i am using pagesize,absolutepage and pagecount properties of the recordset object.But the pagecount and absolutepage properties are not working. Is there any other way in which the same can be acheived.<BR>I want the answer desperately,so any answer would be appreciated.<BR>Thanks in advance

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    simhan Guest

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    To use the pagesize and absulutepage properties you have to include the file and open the recordset with static cursor.<BR><BR>regards

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    Vikas Nigam Guest

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    try this:<BR>response.buffer=true &#039at top of page<BR><BR>loop thru records incrementing counter by one each time<BR>write response.write &#060;output string&#062;<BR>when counter = 5 then <BR>response.flush<BR>

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