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Thread: IIS, MTS, and SQLServer - PLEASE HELP

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    Default IIS, MTS, and SQLServer - PLEASE HELP

    We have a unique situation AND have been pounding our heads for days. <BR><BR>We have an IIS box, which usings MTS/COM objects to access the SQLServer Database.<BR><BR>The system works fine as long as someone is logged into the system and the Identity is set to "interactive user".<BR><BR>However, when we set the identity from Interactive User to a defined user/group, the COM portion of the appliation that access the database does not work.<BR><BR>We get the following error:<BR><BR>Sales Error 80004005 <BR><BR>Any IDEA&#039S .. please .. we are using IIS4 and an NT server.

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    Hopefully you&#039ve already thought of this, but maybe you&#039re getting a conflict between your IUSR_machinename and the group you defined for your SQL server?

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    Default RE: IIS, MTS, and SQLServer - PLEASE HELP

    Hi, <BR>Have you guys created any roles under MTS? if you have you will have to use them properly in your DLL. Have you used VB to create the DLL or VC++ ? . I don&#039t think it is necessary to change the settings in IIS. You can acheive the objective you are aiming for by carefully creating roles and then mapping them.

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