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    Hi all;<BR><BR>I am trying to generate and SQL statement to get transactions for a given user. I want to get only transactions for one user and if they are a type that start with Payment or are Void.<BR><BR>The SQL statement I have below does not work. It gets the right transactions for the right user. However, it gets the transaction types Void for all users. Make sense?<BR><BR>rsTransaction.Open "SELECT * FROM Transactions WHERE UserName = &#039" & strUserName & "&#039 AND Type LIKE &#039Payment%&#039 OR Type = &#039Void&#039", objCustomerConn, adOpenDynamic<BR><BR>How do I change this SQL statement so that I don&#039t get data on Voided transactions for users that didn&#039t have transactions voided?

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    try grouping you AND clause:<BR><BR>SELECT...FROM....WHERE UserName = &#039" & strUserName & "&#039 AND (Type LIKE &#039Payment%&#039 OR Type = &#039Void&#039)", objCustomerConn, adOpenDynamic<BR><BR>I am just taking a stab at it. Hope this helps.

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    you are trying to select data where the transaction is void OR payment.<BR><BR>Do you want the type also if you do then why not just WHERE UserName = &#039" & strUserName & "&#039".....why the AND....<BR><BR>This will give you everything.<BR><BR>you may wnat to try "AND (Type LIKE &#039Payment%&#039 OR Type=Void&#039)", objCustomerConn, adOpenDynamic just to check what it returns.<BR><BR><BR>

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