Hello:<BR><BR>I recently tried to impliment the "Dynamic Menu Tree" as described in an article on 4Guys, but I don&#039t like how it performs due to it&#039s use of Sessions (and MSIE&#039s glitch that doesn&#039t refresh the Session when the &#060;back&#062; button is clicked!) I figured-out how to overcome this glitch, but the script still acts quirky at times and with different browsers. Are there any tutorials on the Net that describe how to make a similar menu tree w/o the use of Sessions? I&#039d like to be able to display the page addresses with names, not just the addresses. I.e.:<BR><BR>You are here: Home / Page 1/ Page 2<BR><BR>Not:<BR><BR>You are here: http://home/page1/page2.asp<BR><BR>If you know of such a resource, please send it to me :)<BR>ttaylor@toddtaylor.com<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Todd Taylor